B-COM (previously British Electronics Communications) has since the company start in 1967 been dealing with Park Air, and has supplied transmitters and receivers for use in safe surface-to-air communication.
One will find PAE radio equipment installed in many airports throughout our geographical territory.

B-COM is focusing on ground to air communications

  Northrop Grumman Park Air Systems today is an international company focused on providing integrated communication solutions for the world's airspace. Operational in 175 countries, Park Air Systems is uniquely positioned to fulfil your complete ATC system needs.  

The Company product lines include:

  • Airport Systems
  • ATC Systems
  • C4I Solutions
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles

The following Areas are covered:

  • Airport Realtime Collaboration (ARC)
  • ATC Communication Systems
  • Air Defence Systems
  • C4I Solutions
  • Unmanned Ground Vehicles

PAE Surface to air communication systems meets all VHF and UHF radio needs for civil and military air traffic control and air defence applications, and include:

  • VHF and UHF Transmitters
  • VHF and UHF Receivers
  • VHF and UHF Base Stations / Transceivers
  • 25, 12.5 and 8.33 kHz Channel Separation
  • Remote control and monitoring system
  • Remote Control Units / Systems
  • New generation with digital interface / Ethernet
  • Multi-mode software defined radio
    T6 Series
  • VHF:
  • T6R: VHF Receiver 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • T6T 50W: VHF Transmitter 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • T6T 100W: VHF Transmitter 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • T6T 200W: VHF Transmitter 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • T6T 300W: VHF Transmitter 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • T6TR 50W: VHF Transceiver 118-136.975 MHz (112-155.975MHz)
  • UHF:
  • T6T 50W: UHF Transmitter 225-399.975 MHz
  • T6T 100W: UHF Transmitter 225-399.975 MHz
  • T6T: UHF Receiver 225-399.975 MHz
    T6C Remote Controller
  • Touch screen operation
  • Networked eight remote operators
  • Single touch channel access
  • Main/standby control
  • Radio BIT control monitor
  • Single 4-wire or VSAT channel
  • Desktop or console mounted
  • Remote control of PAE radios
  • Compact unit
  • Simple to operate
  • ac or dc power supply
  • Intercom between parallel controllers
    S4 Remote Controller
  • Voice and remote control over IP
  • Full function control of up to 8 radio channels
  • Integration of up to 6 controllers
  • Colour touch screen operation
  • Desktop, console or VESA mounted
  • Dual Lemo headset sockets
  • Integrated loudspeaker
M7 Defence Radio


  • delivers outstanding communications performance, capability and flexibility in the frequency band 100 MHz to 400 MHz.
  • is software reprogrammable and provides multimode voice and data communications in normal, secure or Electronic Protection Measures (EPM) modes.
  • is designed for fixed, naval and transportable applications and available in transceiver or separate transmitter and receiver configurations.
For futher details call us or see www.parkairsystems.com